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Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring the ownership of a property from seller to buyer and most sellers and buyers appoint a solicitor to do this for them.

Choosing a competent and professional solicitor can be an onerous task but is a vital component in the legalities of the property purchasing system. How do you choose the right solicitor? Do you go for the cheapest or the one your parents used 30 years ago or pick one out of the phone book or from the internet? How do you know you are making the right choice?

At Paul Carr Estate Agents, it is in our interests to work with professional solicitors, which is why we have created Paul Carr Conveyancing Services and have teamed up a panel of well-respected local solicitors to provide you with an unrivalled service.

Our solicitors are renowned for their outstanding service who can deal with any issue that may arise on a property sale or purchase and we are happy to recommend them to you.

They are able to provide all Paul Carr clients with a comprehensive and affordable conveyancing package with fixed legal fees and a 'no sale no fee' guarantee - just in case things don't go quite to plan.

We also provide an online service so you can keep track of your sale's progress from wherever you are, you can log in and find out if there have been any recent developments and see what stage in conveyancing process your sale has reached and how it is progressing!


The conveyancing process

  • Getting started - Your appointed solicitor will provide you with a formal instruction form and other documents for you to complete and return. This will provide them with all the details about your property and you, which they need for the sale/purchase. You will need to provide proof of identification and residence for each person buying and selling, such as a Passport or Driving Licence and a utility bill
  • Sale of your property - Once a sale has been agreed, you should inform your solicitor and Paul Carr Estate Agents will send the sales confirmation letters and memorandum of sale to you, your solicitor and to your buyers and their solicitor.   
  • Purchasing your next property - Your solicitor will liaise with both your mortgage lender if you are having a mortgage and the solicitor who is acting for your seller.
  • Searches - Your solicitor will obtain all the relevant searches for the property you are purchasing to make sure that there are no hidden problems.
  • Mortgage details - If you require a mortgage to purchase your next property your mortgage lender will send you and your Solicitor an offer of the mortgage and they are responsible for explaining the terms and conditions of this offer to you.
  • Contracts - The Contract documentation and Deed of Transfer together with the Mortgage Deed if one is required will then be sent to you for approval and signature, after which you return them to your solicitor.
  • Exchange of contracts - Exchange of contracts takes place between the two parties' solicitors usually by telephone. At this point it is customary for all purchasers in the chain to pay a deposit to their solicitor equivalent to 10% of the purchase price of the property they are buying. Exchange of Contracts is the moment when the sale becomes legally binding to both buyer and seller. Following exchange, your signed contact is forwarded to the other party's solicitor and they in turn will send their party's signed contract to your solicitor. At this stage, you and your seller/buyer will be legally committed to the transaction and a date will have been agreed for legal completion. Your solicitor will then prepare a completion statement requesting any additional money from you to complete the transaction.
  • Completion Day! - This is the day everyone has been working towards. This is the day when all the monies are transferred electronically between the solicitors and this is the day when all purchasers can get the keys to their new home. It can be an anxious time as everyone is reliant on their solicitor to take action and the banking system to work. The time of day when the sale legally completes is when the solicitor acting for the seller receives the money from the buyer's solicitor. This time can vary depending on the number of transactions in the chain but as a rule of thumb it is usually early afternoon. Your Sales Progressor will make sure that both you and your buyer are informed when the sale has completed and will make arrangements for the keys to be handed over only when your solicitor has confirmed that they have received all the monies due from the buyer.


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